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Welcome to Manhattan Family Orthodontics, your hub for orthodontic brilliance in both Upper and Lower Manhattan. Guided by our renowned doctor, we're committed to sculpting perfect smiles with cutting-edge brace solutions.

Manhattan Braces

Braces Options

Embark on your smile transformation journey with our diverse range of braces. Choose from our state-of-the-art metal braces, virtually invisible LightForce Clear Braces, discreet Lingual Braces, or the innovative InBrace Hidden Braces. Each option is tailored to meet specific aesthetic and orthodontic needs, ensuring you achieve the perfect smile you've always desired.

Metal Braces
Metal Braces

Metal braces, a time-tested solution, have been the cornerstone of orthodontic treatment for decades. Their durability and effectiveness make them a reliable choice for many. With advancements in orthodontic technology, today's metal braces are more comfortable and efficient than ever before, ensuring quicker results with minimal discomfort.

LightForce Clear Braces
LightForce Clear Braces

LightForce Clear Braces offer a blend of effectiveness and discretion. Unlike traditional metal braces, these clear variants are less noticeable, making them a preferred choice for teens and adults who wish to subtly straighten their teeth without drawing attention.

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Lingual Braces

Lingual braces, positioned behind the teeth, offer a truly concealed treatment option. They are custom-made to align with the unique structure of each patient's teeth, ensuring effective treatment without compromising aesthetics.

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InBrace Hidden Braces

InBrace Hidden Braces, another form of lingual braces, are strategically placed behind the teeth, offering a completely concealed orthodontic solution. Ideal for those who prioritize discretion, these braces work efficiently to perfect your smile without being visible to the outside world.

The Orthodontic Process

Your journey to a radiant smile starts at Manhattan Family Orthodontics, with two convenient locations in Upper and Lower Manhattan. The process kicks off with a complimentary consultation where we discuss your smile goals, take essential x-rays, and craft a tailored treatment plan. Throughout your treatment, our dedicated team will monitor your progress, making adjustments to ensure you achieve the most stunning results.

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Our Commitment to You

At Manhattan Family Orthodontics, every patient is our top priority. Regardless of the treatment you choose, rest assured you'll receive unparalleled care and attention every step of the way. Start your journey to a flawless smile with us today! Call us for your free consultation!