Monitor Your Care From Anywhere

As the landscape of dental care advances, so do our methods at Manhattan Family Orthodontics. We are pleased to introduce our DentalMonitoring system, offering you expert care directly through your mobile device.

What Is DentalMonitoring?

DentalMonitoring is more than an app. It's a modern approach to orthodontic care. This system allows you to manage your treatment directly from your mobile device. It combines advanced technology with the oversight of skilled orthodontic professionals, all in an easy-to-use app.

You'll use a device known as the Scanbox Pro® to capture images of your teeth. Think of it as taking a specialized selfie. After you've taken these scans, you send them to us through the app. It's like having a brief orthodontic check-up without leaving your home.

Our team then reviews your scans using the AI capabilities of DentalMonitoring. It enables us to closely track your treatment progress and make sure everything is proceeding as planned. We're pleased to offer this innovative approach to orthodontic care.

Who Is DentalMonitoring For?

Whether you're a multitasking parent, a teen with a full schedule, or an adult always on the move, DentalMonitoring simplifies your orthodontic care. It's an ideal fit for those using Invisalign or traditional braces.

DentalMonitoring appeals to anyone who appreciates convenience and efficiency. It's crafted to integrate effortlessly into your busy lifestyle, making managing your orthodontic care more straightforward.

If you're prepared to experience a modern approach to orthodontics, DentalMonitoring is the right choice. It streamlines your treatment, making both your life and your path to a better smile more manageable. Don't hesitate. Let's start this innovative chapter in your orthodontic care.

Why Choose DentalMonitoring With Manhattan Family Orthodontics?

Always Within Reach

Whether you're relaxing at the beach or enjoying time at home, our team is just a tap away. With DentalMonitoring, our multiple offices are always accessible.


Effortless Scanning

It's as simple as taking a photo and sending it. With the Scanbox Pro® and your smartphone, you can easily send us images of your teeth. It's as straightforward as posting on social media!


Tailored Responses

Have questions? Include them with your scans. We'll offer personalized feedback, address any questions you have, and update you on your treatment progress.

Advantages of Digital Orthodontic Care

Less Office Time, More You Time

We value our face-to-face time with you. But we understand you’re busy. With DentalMonitoring, you'll only need to visit our office when necessary.


See Your Progress Anytime

Each scan you send becomes a chapter in your smile story. Look back and see how far you've come whenever you like!


Stay Updated

There's no need to wait for your next in-office visit for news on your treatment. We're continuously monitoring and ensuring everything is going as planned.

Ready to Begin?

At Manhattan Family Orthodontics, we aim to do more than improve smiles; we strive to elevate your entire experience. DentalMonitoring is our newest tool to make your orthodontic treatment as smooth and convenient as possible.

Interested in how this technology can benefit your smile? Contact our team at either of our New York locations. We're here and eager to introduce you to this modern approach to orthodontic care.