We are pleased to see a turn for the best with COVID-19/Corona Virus. With the progress that has taken place, we want to assure you of our efforts to maintain the health and safety of our patients and team. We have fully vaccinated team members.

  1. Our building owners/management team requires that all visitors have a face covering while on the premises. Additionally, our office will continue to require face covering until further notice.
  2. We have discontinued the Covid questionnaire. We ask that you would be courteous enough to reschedule an upcoming appointment should you/patient have any cold/covid/flu like symptoms moving forward.
  3. We continue to ask that ONLY the patient attend these appointments. Should the patient be a minor, one adult will be permitted to wait in the waiting area.
  4. Upon arrive to the office:
    1. We require face covering for all visitors.
    2. We will record the temperature of all visitors until further notice.
    3. We will instruct all visitors to sanitize their hands.
    4. Until further notice, should the patient be a minor, parent/guardian should address all inquiries from the waiting area as only the patient is permitted in the treatment room.
    5. The patient will be escorted to the treatment room where they will first, wash their hands and then rinse with mouthwash before seating. The appointment will then proceed as scheduled.
  5. You will notice some changes in our waiting area:
    1. We will maintain clear partition panels at the front desk.
    2. Our beverage station has been placed on hold.
    3. We have 4 medical grade air filters consistently working.
    4. Our staff will be cleaning high touch surface areas periodically.
  6. You will notice a some changes in our treatment room:
    1. Our team will wear additional PPE to reduce exposure between patient and staff.
    2. We have clear partitions between the patient chairs in the treatment room.

Healthy Regards,

Dr. Kris Togias
Dr. Oliver Nicolay
Dr. Elliott Moskowitz
Dr. Kathrin Praedikow

& the entire Manhattan Family Orthodontics team

Download PDF: MFO covid rules 5-19-21