The field of orthodontics is constantly changing, making treatment faster, more comfortable and more personalized to each patient. At the forefront is LightForce braces, a system of 3D printed braces that are custom designed to perfectly fit each patient. Dr. Kris Togias and associates use LightForce technology to plan, design and monitor your customized orthodontic treatment, offering the power of and reliability of traditional braces, the aesthetics of clear braces and the digital efficiency of clear aligners. To learn more about LightForce braces in New York City, New York, and see if this advanced orthodontic treatment is right for your smile, call our office at 212-207-8028 and plan your consultation with our experienced orthodontists.

3D Printed Brackets

No matter what orthodontic appliance you receive, our team will ensure that your orthodontic treatment plan is designed specifically for your needs and your smile. With LightForce braces, we can take that a step further. While traditional braces use a series of identical metal brackets for all patients, LightForce braces use 3D printing technology to individually craft each bracket to fit the unique contours of the tooth it will attach to, making your treatment more effective and, in some cases, faster. Many patients also find this personalized fit more comfortable than traditional metal brackets.

Personalized Aesthetic

Because of the ceramic polycrystalline material used to create LightForce braces, each set comes in two available colors, Cloud Bracket white and Light Bracket clear, allowing patients to choose whether they prefer treatment that makes colorful bands pop or a more discreet, clear appliance.

Still have questions? We have answers! Call or visit our office today to learn more about what you can expect from LightForce orthodontic treatment and to start your journey to a straighter, healthier, more beautiful smile.