Our orthodontists may recommend a Twin Block to correct your bite and help straighten your jawbones and teeth. This removable orthodontic appliance actually consists of two appliances, one on the upper jaw and one on the lower jaw, giving it the name “Twin Block.” To find out more about Twin Blocks in New York City, New York, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kris Togias and associates, call Manhattan Family Orthodontics today and speak with a member of our team.

A Twin Block is one of the best appliances available to help develop the jawbones into their proper size, shape and position. This orthodontic appliance is made of two removable plates with acrylic biting surfaces and while worn holds the jaws slightly apart and the lower jaw in a forward position. It is designed to help achieve full growth potential of the jaw and is typically recommended to correct bad bites, most notably overbites and underbites, without the need for headgear or orthognathic surgery.

The Twin Block is designed so that the appliance activates with regular movements of biting, swallowing and talking. These actions create a gentle pressure on the teeth and dental arches, gradually moving the lower jaw forward and correcting the bite. A Twin Block is typically worn 24/7 for nine to 12 months to achieve the desired results.

The Twin Block is available for both children and adults, and it is designed to be discreet and comfortable as well as functional. Patients who receive a Twin Block can speak, sleep, play sports and even eat while wearing this appliance.

For more information about the Twin Block, and to schedule a consultation with our orthodontists, please contact our office today.