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Orthognathic Surgery

Sometimes bite discrepancies are too large to fix via tooth movement alone.  At the root of these problems is often an incompatibility of the jawbone foundations with the upper and/or lower jaws being out of proportion to one another and to the cranial base.  In order to fix these issues, orthodontics is utilized to prepare the jaws for a surgical procedure or procedures that will help to establish both jawbone compatibility and bite correction.  Both pre-surgical orthodontic preparation and post-surgical orthodontic finishing are essential to the long-term stability and success of treatment.  Here at Manhattan Family Orthodotnics we works closely with the patient’s dental team to develop the most appropriate treatment plan. Before surgery can take place, the teeth are moved into optimal position with orthodontic appliances. New diagnostics are taken, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with the appropriate surgeon to develop a treatment plan that will improve the placement of the jaws and alignment of the teeth. Once the patient has sufficiently healed the teeth are  guided into ideal relationships to establish stable, comfortable and functionally correct tooth positions while optimizing aesthetics. The result is a beautifully balanced bite and smile.