Manhattan Family Orthodontics offers patients the latest orthodontic therapies designed to achieve optimal aesthetics,  function, and health.  Children, teens and adults are provided with treatment options customized to achieve their goals.  Our orthodontists team with patients and referring dentists to provide individualized treatment and healthy smile that lasts.


Phase I Treatment

2 Treatment during early childhood years, prior to permanent tooth eruption

Phase II Treatment

Treatment to position permanent teeth to improve appearance and function.  

Adult Treatment

 Adult orthodontic treatment helps improve appearance and facilitates cosmetic, periodontal and restorative work.

Clear Orthodontics


An easy, effective choice for correcting problems such as teeth crowding, crooked teeth as well as reducing risk of gum disease and tooth decay.


Maintain tooth alignment while stabilizing the gums and bone tissue.

Accelerated Orthodontics

acceledentMany new options enable modern orthodontic treatment to take less time than ever before.