A healthy lifestyle has been shown to improve physical and mental health

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

The CDC has estimated that 1 in 5 children in the United States has obesity. Having obesity raises the probability that the child will have obesity as an adult as well as suffer from physical and mental health problems. Establishing a routine and providing a healthy diet is essential to your child’s development. There are tons of tasty options to choose from when trying to prepare a healthy lunch right before school. Even better, the foods in the list below are fantastic for oral health.


Steamed spinach has Vitamin A.


  1. Leafy greens:

Romaine lettuce, arugula, and spinach are great for obtaining Vitamin A, a crucial ally in fighting bacteria in the mouth and supporting healthy gums. These foods go great in salads and sandwiches. They are great for lunch and for dinner.


Baby carrots and hummus


  1. Baby carrots

Easy to transport, baby carrots are crunchy and filling. They aid in saliva production that help fight cavities. Baby carrots are also loaded with Vitamin A, like in leafy greens. These are perfect for dipping in hummus (I bet you’ll be craving some now).



Yogurt and fruit make a good pairing and help your teeth.

Your child should select the fruits he wants in his yogurt to ensure it all gets eaten.


  1. Yogurt

Plain yogurt with no added sugar is filled with good bacteria that take up the room that more harmful strains might occupy. As a base, you can add fruits, nuts, and other teeth- and heart-healthy toppings. Have your child customize his or her yogurt with his or her favorite fruits.




  1.  Celery

Celery scrapes food and particles away from teeth, almost like a natural toothbrush. It also contains Vitamin A and C (ascorbic acid; helps form and maintain bones and connective tissues). Like carrots, they are also good options to dip in hummus.

In addition to maintaining a healthy, steady diet, don’t forget that proper sleep and routine exercise are important factors in a healthy lifestyle. 60 minutes of exercise is recommended for children . Also, a child should sleep no less than 7 hours.

Have a great first day of school!

While we have your attention, we’d like to ask for your help supporting this year’s Operation Backpack back-to-school drive with Volunteers for America. There are 23,000 children who live in homeless shelters in New York City. A small contribution can provide a backpack full of school supplies to a student and make him or her feel much more prepared to take on the new school year.


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