MFO Celebrates Earth Day 2017

At MFO, we pride ourselves on providing the best and most comfortable experience for our patients. Not only does our work impact the lives of our patients, but the materials we use directly and indirectly impact the environment. On this Earth Day, we came up with  4 things that we do that reduce our impact to the environment and promote “green” practices among our staff.

  1. Digital radiography: it saves time, it uses lower radiation, and it provides crystal clear images to identify and address dental concerns efficiently.
  2. Steps to paperless: Less paper and our records are integrated so we always have accurate information on-demand.
  3. Public transportation: not only is driving in New York a hassle, but it is inefficient. Public transportation helps curb the carbon dioxide emissions from New York. For all its flaws, the subway and bus system is a step in the right direction for this city.
  4. Recycling: even at home, we make sure to dispose of our plastics, aluminum, and paper products separately from our everyday trash.

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