Braces or brackets coming loose is common

When Braces Come Loose at Camp

In our last blog post, we talked about how to get your child prepared to maintain his braces and oral health during camp. But what happens when a bracket falls loose or a wire pops out while he’s away? First thing: do not worry.It might be uncomfortable for your child to deal with, but as

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Happy Earth Day 2017!

MFO Celebrates Earth Day 2017

At MFO, we pride ourselves on providing the best and most comfortable experience for our patients. Not only does our work impact the lives of our patients, but the materials we use directly and indirectly impact the environment. On this Earth Day, we came up with  4 things that we do that reduce our impact

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Group of smiling friends against white background

Big Plans Deserve Bright White Smiles

DO YOU HAVE A graduation, reunion, vacation, or wedding coming up? These occasions mean LOTS of photographs. Are you ready? Whether you’re in the wedding party, a parent to the bride or groom, or just prepping yourself to see old friends, you want to look your best for all those photos. Your Smile Is The

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Back to School Flyer 2015-2016

School Time Is Here, Brace Yourself!

Preparing yourself or your child for school requires more then a supply filled backpack or brand new fashions, it also requires personal qualities that not only helps them but everyone they interact with. Carolyn Waterbury-Tieman states those personal qualities best with a list: Confidence Self-Discipline Courage Generosity Empathy Courtesy Perseverance Accountability Kindness Conscience You can find her

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Clear aligners

The Many Benefits of Invisalign

INVISALIGN ISN’T THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE, BUT if you’re a good candidate, there are LOTS of reasons for choosing Invisalign—and they’re not all simply about going “wire-less”! Clear, removable Invisalign trays are a less invasive orthodontic treatment method. With Invisalign technology, your teeth can be straightened without causing inconveniences to your daily life. Benefits

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